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D12 - Girls

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Song Lyrics

Aiyyo dogg, i got some sh*t on my mother f**kin chest that
I need to get off cuz
If I dont
Ima f**kin explode or summin
Now look
This is the story about some little f**kin girls that i know
It goes like this

Its so easy 4 me to make enemies any more its sicknin
People r lookin 4 an excuse to jump on my sh*t list
Stickin their noses in sh*t that isnt none of their business
I never, asked, cared, gave a f**k or wanted oppinions
Now im in the position that I dont wanna be in sh*t
I neva had no beef with u corny son of a b*tches
But now the sh*t is broke and u cant do nuttin to fix it
So im tellin u right now mother f**ka limp bizkit
Now ima be real, be real as real
He didnt say sh*t the whole time me and whitey was beefin see he chilled
He was cool with the whole situation and kept it neutral
Id have neva involved my crew if it wasnt 4 pupils, peoples whateva ur backpackin cypherin name is
Had i not opened a magazine and seein what u say in it
Id had neva involved you
But u had to add ur 2 pennies
Now i gotta go grab my sh*t list and add some new enemies
Hit the studio and ill admit i had a few in me
f**k it, i roasted u, i aint mad at you any
But let it be known that song was never released
It leaked, id a neva gave u that much attention intentionally
Then i look on TV now look whos mentionin me
That little f**kin weasel, DJ lethal on MTV
After i gave u props on that song u on national TV
Talkin about how everlast is gonna whip my ass when he sees me
come on dogg u was sposed to be on that song
Talkin about how bad u hate him
Now u all in his thong? whats wrong? u scared?
And fred u said u was dissin him too
I shoulda knew better than to listen to you
U f**kin sissy, up on stage screamin how people hate you
They dont hate you, they just think ur corny since christina played you
and I dare u mother f**kers to try 2 diss me back
Thats a sissy act
And dont call me kissin my ass
Coz I swear to god this aint just a song im tryin to pre-warn you
Lethal when i f**kin see u dogg im swingin on you
Mother f**kers must think that coz im trouble with the law
That i wont ?????? up my sentence and double it to mourn
Y'all some


Girls (y'all a some god damn girls)
Y do u act this way? (y do u act this way, huh?)
Y do y'all act like f**kin sissies u pussies keep talkin sh*t behind my Back u just some b*tches 4 that and we all know (we all know)
How f**kin cowards roll (keep rollin rollin rollin)
And f**kin ???? who pretend to be down but as soon as some 1 calls u out u put ur tail between ur legs and bow down

Now i dont ask nobody to share my beliefs or be involved in my beefs
im a man i can stand on my feet
So if u dont wanna be in them all i ask that u dont open ur mouth with an opinion
And i wont put u in them
Coz i dont ask nobody to share my beliefs or be involved in my beefs
im a man i can stand on my feet
So if u dont wanna be in them all i ask that u dont open ur mouth with an opinion
And i wont put u in them

Now if u diss me and i respond the beef is on
But if i help u sell 1 record and i see u at a show ill strip u naked
See I was smart, I came back and scooped up my friends
Now i got 5 doggs thatll die for me like i die for them
I fite 4 them swing or shoot like i fite 4 kim
All of them been with me thru this f**ked up life that im in
That goes 4 all of my doggs from royce to dre
From xzibit to mell man till im hoist away
In my coffin ill neva soften
No matter how often that im tested
I neva give a f**k i will neva be interested
Love me or hate as much as fred wants 2 be hated
I will solumly stand by every statment i stated
This sh*t that i been through my pencil neva could pencil
But i neva will be this gullable ever again tho
Next time i will know when somebodys copyin off me
Im not bein c*cky, i just know when somebodys locked in me
I stick up my middle finger he sticks up his finger
I say f**k christina he says f**k christina but meaner
So from doin this song with method to beggin to get accepted
Im peggin fred with the bottle of die that he bleached his head with
and as for lethal dont 4get what i said
Im f**kin u up punk, ur dead
Dont think that im playin
And f**k bizkit coz i know u sayin f**k D12
Only not to our face, under your breath, to yourselves


now i dont ask nobody to share my beliefs or be involved in my beefs
im a man i can stand on my feet
so if u dont wanna be in them all i ask that u dont open ur mouth with an oppion
and i wont put u in them
coz i dont ask nobody to

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