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Eminem - Drug Ballad

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Music Video

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Eminem "Drug Ballad" Music Video

Song Lyrics

(Featuring Dina Rae)

[Dina Rae:] Yeaaah, hahahaha...whooooo, sh*t!


[Eminem:] Guess what? I ain`t coming in yet...

I`ll come in a minute

Ayo...This is my love goes like this

[Verse 1: Eminem]

Back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark

This is how we used to make the party start

We used to mix Hen` with Bacardi Dark

And when it, kicks in you can hardly talk

And by the, sixth gin you`re gonna probably crawl

And you`ll be, sick then and you`ll probably barf

And my pre-diction is you`re gonna probably fall

Either somewhere in the lobby or the hallway wall

And everything`s spinning

You`re beginin` to think women

are swimming in pink linen again in the sink

Then in a couple of minutes that bottle of Guinness is finished

You are now allowed to officially slap b*tches

You have the right to remain violent and start wilin`

Start a fight with the same guy that was smarter than` you

Get in your car, start it, and start drivin`

Over the island and cause a 42 car pile-up

[Em`s spaceman voice]Earth calling, pilot to co-pilot

Looked after life on the planet, sir, no sign of it

All I can see is a bunch of smoke flying

And I`m so high that I might die if I go by it

Let me out of this place

I`m outta place

I`m in outer space

I`ve just vanished without a trace

I`m going to a pretty place now where the flowers grow

I`ll be back in an hour or so


[Eminem:] `Cause every time I go to try to leave

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:]sumthin keeps pullin` on my sleeve

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] I don`t wanna, but I gotta stay

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] These drugs really got a hold of me

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] These drugs really got a hold of me

[Eminem:] `Cause every time I try to tell them "no"

[Dina Rae:] no!

[Eminem:] They won`t let me ever let them go

[Dina Rae:] go!

[Eminem:] I`m a s*cka all I gotta say

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] These drugs really got a hold of me

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Verse 2: Eminem]

In third grade, all I used to do

Was sniff glue through a tube and play rubix cube

17 years later I`m as rude as JUDE

Scheming on the first chick with the hugest boobs

I`ve got no game

And every face looks the same

They got no name

So I don`t need game to play

I just say whatever I want to whoever I want

Whenever I want, wherever I want, however I want

However, I do show some respect to few

This ecstacy`s got me standing next to you

Getting sentimental as f**k spilling guts to you

We just met

But I think I`m in love with you

But you`re on it too

So you tell me you love me too

Wake up in the morning like "what the f**k we do?"

I gotta go b*tch

You know I`ve got stuff to do

`Cause if I get caught cheating then I`m stuck with you

But in the long run

These drugs are probably going to catch up sooner or later

But f**k it, I`m on one

So let`s enjoy

Let the ecstacy destroy your spinal cord

So it`s not a straight line no more

`Til we walk around looking like some wind-up dolls

sh*t`s sticking out of our backs like a dinosaur

sh*t, six hits won`t even get me high no more

So bye for now

I`m going to try to find some more


[Eminem:] `Cause every time I go to try to leave

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:]somethin keeps pullin` on my sleeve

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] I don`t wanna, but I gotta stay

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] These drugs really got a hold of me

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] `Cause every time I try to tell them "no"

[Dina Rae:] no!

[Eminem:] They won`t let me ever let them go

[Dina Rae:] go!

[Eminem:] I`m a s*cka all I gotta say

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Eminem:] These drugs really got a hold of me

[Dina Rae:] whoa!

[Verse 3: Eminem]

That`s the sound of a bottle when it`s hollow

When you swallow it all wollow and drown in your sorrow

And tomorrow you`re probably going to want to do it again

What`s a little spinal fluid between you and a friend? Screw it

And what`s a little bit of alcohol poisoning?

And what`s a little fight?

Tomorrow you`ll be boys again

It`s your life

Live it however you wanna

Marijuana is everywhere

Where was you brought up?

It don`t matter as long as you get where you`re going

`Cause none of the sh*t is going to mean sh*t where we`re going

They tell you to stop, but you just sit there ignoring

Even though you wake up feeling like sh*t every morning

But you`re young

You`ve got a lot of drugs to do

Girls to screw

Parties to crash

s*cks to be you

If I could take it all back now, I wouldn`t

I would have did more sh*t


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Release History

The Eminem song "Drug Ballad" appears on the following albums:
Piece Of Mind

Platinum Collection

Stan: A Tribute to Eminem
16 June 2003

Stan: A Tribute to Eminem

  1. My Name Is (1:44)
  2. Guilty Conscience (3:21)
  3. Real Slim Shady (1:45)
  4. Way I Am (4:40)
  5. Stan (6:43)
  6. I'm Back (2:31)
  7. As The World Turns (4:27)
  8. Who Knew (2:30)
  9. Drug Ballad (5:04)
  10. Criminal (2:30)
  11. 97 Bonnie And Clyde (5:17)
  12. Purple Pills (2:30)
  13. I'm Shady (3:32)
  14. Without Me (4:51)
  15. Cleaning Out My Closet (2:35)
  16. Lose Yourself (3:05)
The Anger Management Tour

The Anger Management Tour Live

The Marshall Mathers Lp
22 May 2000

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