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Snoop Dogg - I Will Survive

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Music Video

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Snoop Dogg "I Will Survive" Music Video

Song Lyrics


By dawn`s early light

I shine brighter than the stars in the night

And `bout ready for a fight

Come noon, I`ve consumed enough juice

To cut loose and throw a mic to the moon

Since I`m the sun, I`ll make you one, it`s all for fun

I`m torching hot and all the same

From playing war games with Saddam Hussein

Now who`s sane? I`m insane, my membrane`s on cold-grown

The tempature`s rising, to fry the cells in your dome

It might be on, and if you think so, you know me

It`s Tech Caponey, the Doggfather`s little homey

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Ain`t that somethin`, how I got little homeys now?

I remember when I was just a little bow-wow

Writing for my rep, calling `fore I step

Now I put n*ggas in the game just to stay on deck

High profile, but my style low-pro

Top dogg on the Row, Doggystyle C.E.O.

And I blow the best indo, that you know of

So when I`m in your town, dip down, and show love

You know what? What`s up? sh*t, I`m feeling good now

You better come and get me `fore I fall into a freestyle


They say, what`s a rapper? Well n*gga, what`s an emcee?

If they don`t got the skills, then they don`t roll with me

Ain`t that the truth?, I`m bulletproof off the roof

I got a mic and a fix, that`ll jack you for your tooth

I`m out for rep, but how long will it last?

I`m coming up quick, cause broke n*ggas need cash

At last, I`m at the top, so I maintain now

Gotta bang now, n*gga this Doggystyle

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]

All she ever wanted was a small time, love thang

Got my homey caught up in the dope game, coke game

He so sprung, on top of that he young

He`s only thirteen years old, and the world`s so cold

He never took the time-out to fall down on his knees

Until he f**ked his G, got some keys, now they`s enemies

The n*ggas he grew up with, they put him in the game

Now they `bout to take him out the game

Man it`s a shame, but you know how that sh*t go

That`s life in the fast lane, that`s why I roll ??

[Chorus]: Kurupt,(Snoop), <*some singing in the backgound*>

I`d rather not get shot

I`d rather sit in the studio and rock spots

Dogg Pound, Doggystyle, we`re one big family, it`s all DPG (DPG)

I got a G on the best bomb money can buy

I ain`t out for no homicides, I`m out to survive

Dogg Pound, Doggystyle, one big family, it`s all DPG (DPG)


(n*ggas) n*ggas and hoes will try to get you twisted

But I`m unlisted in the books

You base your life on that, you might get your life took, BLAOW!

Put me in the game, I`m riding hard `til I win

Serve a crew, kill a few n*ggas, `til the end

I mean, I`m a fiend for superior green

And all my life I got advice from a superior team

I gotta stay away from the casket

Don`t get blasted, and tell my kids how I lasted

But my crew`s mafioso, so my philoso-

Phy is to G to the day that I d-i-e <*echoes*>

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]

Snoop Dogg, smooth and imperial

Wake up every morning to my Lucky Charms cerials

Time`s getting drastic, man I`m a flas it

Dogg Pound Gangstas` choking off that boombastic

Have you ever heard?

I`m loose, shook the feds, like the juice, Snoop Dogg is 121st proof

Fool, you`s a deuce, Deuce is some Genuine Draft

I`m a genuwine, like ??, and all about cash, cash,

Cash, I got some free, so indeed I gets the lighter for the hash

Has it ever been a time when you didn`t have a dime

To your name, and the only way to gain is through crime?

Sometimes I used to pack, one time I got jacked by some sacs

But you know I got mine, you know about the Don Corleone

I`m-a survive and thank God for Lil` Spanky B. and Bone

[Chorus]: Kurupt,(Snoop), <*some singing in the backgound*>

<*singing in the backgound continues until the end*>

Release History

The Snoop Dogg song "I Will Survive" appears on the following albums:
Dead Man Walkin'

Dead Man Walkin'

  1. May I (3:54)
  2. C-Walkin (4:53)
  3. Head Doctor (4:22)
  4. Hit Rocks (5:48)
  5. Tommy Boy (5:06)
  6. Change Gone Come (4:35)
  7. Too Black (5:17)
  8. Gangsta Walk (5:19)
  9. County Blues (5:11)
  10. I Will Survive (3:44)
  11. My Favourite Color (5:18)
  12. Me and My Doggs (4:03)
Dead Man Walkin

Dead Man Walkin

  1. May I (3:54)
  2. C-Walkin (4:53)
  3. Head Doctor (4:22)
  4. Hit Rocks (5:48)
  5. Tommy Boy (5:06)
  6. Change Gone Come (4:35)
  7. Too Black (5:17)
  8. Gangsta Walk (5:19)
  9. County Blues (5:11)
  10. I Will Survive (3:44)
  11. My Favorite Color (5:18)
  12. Me and My Doggs (4:03)
Dead Man Walkin (Snippet CD)

Dead Man Walkin (Snippet CD)

  1. Head Doctor (4:22)
  2. Change Gone Come (4:35)
  3. May I (3:54)
  4. County Blues (5:11)
  5. I Will Survive (3:44)
  6. Tommy Boy (5:06)
Fuck Death Row
Upload Album Cover

Fuck Death Row

  1. Don't Do The Crime (4:20)
  2. Last Meal (3:06)
  3. Too Blacc (5:27)
  4. Rock Ya' Body (5:00)
  5. Snitches (4:11)
  6. I Will Survive (3:44)
  7. Cee Walkin (4:38)
  8. Tommy (3:38)
  9. Bussn' Rocks/Hit Rocc (5:05)
  10. Hoez (5:04)
  11. Gold Rush (4:35)
  12. Ride On (5:02)
  13. Change Gone Come (4:35)
Upload Album Cover
19 May 1998


  1. I Will Survive (3:44)
  2. Tommy Boy (5:06)
  3. Hoez (5:04)
  4. Cee Walkin (4:38)
  5. Don't Do The Crime (4:20)
  6. Too Black (5:17)
  7. Goldrush (4:36)
  8. Change Gone Come (4:35)
  9. Hit Roccs (5:07)
  10. The Last Meal (4:23)
  11. Ride On (Remix)
SmokeFest World Tour

SmokeFest World Tour

  1. I Will Survive (3:44)
  2. Tommy (3:38)
  3. Hoez (5:04)
  4. Cee Walkin (4:38)
  5. Don't Do The Crime (4:20)
  6. Too Blacc (5:27)
  7. Goldrush (4:36)
  8. Change Gone Come (4:35)
  9. Hit Roccs (5:07)
  10. Last Meal (3:06)
  11. Ride On (Remix)

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