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Snoop Dogg - Trust Me

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Song Lyrics

[Suga Free]

No, uh-uh excuse me wait baby treat yo` cash

And remind me when we get home to get goin

and crack my whip and pack yo` sh*t

befo` I 92.3 The Beat yo` ass!

Naw b*tch look at me when I talk to you

I checked the b*tch and said, "Ah-hah some sh*t?

No ub-uh, shut up, you gon` do what I tell you to do!"

Now name three motherf**kers you can call.. you cain`t

One pimpin that, two pimpin that, three pimpin that

That b*tch got off! (Say what my n*gga Suga Free, what you say?)

Snoop say what? (Huh?) I said

I`m pimpin that, you pimpin that, she pimpin that

That b*tch does all!

Naw, pimpin ain`t easy (pimpin ain`t easy)

But hoein ain`t hard no (hoein ain`t hard no)

Baby you gon` have to hoe (hoe hoe hoe)

Or lady I`ma have to go (see ya, see ya!)

Suga Free, b*tch that don`t stand for some old nice ass n*gga

tryin to get some p*ssy and you tryin to get some of this dick free

I`m live ta be a old-ass pimp with cataracts

Reminscin on regular park trees with the homies

and slappin b*tches in Cadillacs

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much!

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much! Heyyy

[Sylk E. Fine]

Now check me, I`m in a helluva situation

I got LOVE for the homegirl but it ain`t no escapin

Now I`ve been waitin fo` the chance fo` me to do my thang

Cause when I GO OUT baby, I GO OUT with a bang! (bang bang)

Thursday night, `bout to hang out at the House of Blues

Fresh attire, new shoes, plus a new, hairdo, WHOO!

I`m mesmerized by the music that they bump in the club

I see my homegirl man (whas` happenin, whas` up?)

lookin like he need some love

And everytime I see him, he been givin me the eye

Cause he my type and I`m his type and plus we love to ride

Imagine that, off we left

Hot sweat hot sex it ain`t like we just met (ahh, yeah, yeah)

Why she trust me? Since his girl went on a little trip

I made his sweat drip, he made me strip

It ain`t my fault he in a f**ked up relationship

That just go to show, you never know who you dealin with

Love over friendship, that`s why I live my life trustless, yeah

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much!

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much! Heyyy

[Snoop Dogg]

Hmm, I spent the night at the homie`s house, sh*t

Slept in his livingroom, on his couch

n*gga high`n a motherf**ker burnt out (sh*t)

Before you know it, god damn, the homie chirped out (damn!)

And he ain`t said sh*t, he just dip in his Seville as he peel

Left me at the pad with his girl, damn, what the deal?

Now baby got a gown on, gettin her clown on

As she slid downstairs, now she takin me down home

Cheatin in the next room in the homeboy`s bedroom

Am I wrong? sh*t, on and on and on and on

Now what am I to do if you was me and I was you

His baby momma in my face, she shakin poo-poo, what would you do?

Trust is a motherf**kin loco, sh*t

and so is temptation, and I don`t know what I`ma do

Come on through (come on through) so I can cum on you (cum on you)

sh*t if the homey knew (if the homey knew) if the homey knew

(if the homey knew)

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much

[Sylk] Hey now

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much!

[Sylk] Can`t trust me, whatcha say now?

[Snoop] Mo heezee up in this motherf**ker Dogg

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much

[Sylk] Believe!

[Snoop] Trust is a motherf**ker

[Sylk] You can`t trust, whatcha say now?

[Snoop] Don`t trust, no b*tch

I wish you wouldn`t trust me so much! Heyyy

[Sylk] Whatcha say?

[Snoop] Trust in no b*tch-ass n*ggaz

[Sylk] Whatcha say now? Can`t trust

Nah-na-na-nah-nah, nah-na-na-nah-nah

[Sylk] Whatcha say now?

Nah-na-na-nah-nah, nah-na-na-nah-nah

[Sylk] Whatcha say now?

Nah-na-na-nah-nah, nah-na-na-nah-nah

[Sylk] Can`t trust, whatcha say now?

Nah-na-na-nah-nah, nah-na-na-nah-nah

[Sylk] Come on yeah..


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